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Retailer Spotlight: AgroPlus Inc. – Putting the Plus in Southern Alberta’s Agriculture Industry

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Agro Plus
Source: Michael Robinson, Owner Partner, AgroPlus Inc.
AgroPlus Inc. is more than just an agriculture inputs provider; it's a testament to the dedication and vision of individuals deeply entrenched in Alberta's agricultural landscape. With locations in Lethbridge, Foremost, and Dunmore, AgroPlus Inc. embodies a commitment to excellence, community engagement, and innovation. Led by industry veterans Michael Robinson and Harv Reimer, the company has become synonymous with superior service and unwavering support for farmers across the region. 

Collaboration, Consolidation and Expansion
Recognizing an opportunity to provide better service to farmers in their local area, Harv Reimer initiated AgroPlus Inc. in Lethbridge in 2013, while Michael Robinson established AgroPlus Solutions in Dunmore in 2015. An ag retail business consolidation provided Mike and Harv a unique opportunity to use their knowledge of the local area to purchase an independent retailer in Foremost, Alberta, forming a partnership to launch AgroPlus Holdings in 2019. Shortly after the partnership formed, they were presented with the opportunity to buy a warehouse in Coaldale in 2020.

“In March of 2023, we formalized an amalgamation and brought all three of our companies together as one, under the name AgroPlus Inc.,” shared Mike Robinson, Owner Partner in AgroPlus Inc. This pivotal moment not only solidified the company's presence in the market but also welcomed a partnership with Hawk's Agro out of Southern Saskatchewan to further enhance AgroPlus Inc.'s collective expertise and capabilities.

Exceptional Team, Exceptional Service
Of all the business evolution and expansion, the thing that Mike takes the most pride in is his team. “Our entire staff is second to none, everybody is very customer-focused in how they approach the business. They do everything they can to make sure that we create an ‘+1’ experience for our customers,” said Mike.

Central to AgroPlus' philosophy is its unwavering commitment to providing exceptional service and support to its customers. Whether it's offering a wide variety of crop protection products, parts, mobile seed treating, agronomy services, or flexible delivery options, each location tailors its inventory to meet the specific needs of its local clientele.

Giving Back
Beyond business transactions, AgroPlus actively engages with the communities it serves. Whether through supporting local 4H clubs, school initiatives, rodeos, community functions or sports events, the company remains deeply ingrained in the fabric of community life. “It's a little bit different for each location,” shared Mike. “We work to know what our communities need and how we can best support each of them in a meaningful way.”


In 2022 AgroPlus worked with the Foremost School to complete an entry in WinField United Canada's Raise the Barn contest and won $8,000 to build a greenhouse and expand its community garden project.

This commitment to community engagement underscores AgroPlus Inc.'s broader mission of contributing to the well-being and prosperity of the regions it serves. 

Taking Steps for Change
One initiative that AgroPlus has encouraged their team to take part in is the Journey 5km by WinField United to support the Do More Agriculture Foundation.  

“For myself, I enjoy that Journey 5km is for everyone. I went out with my whole family, and we all did the 5K walk together. My grandson was about six months old at the time and my granddaughter was around two and a half. It's always good to get out and about and get some fresh air together, it was a great family experience,” said Mike. “Agricultural employees and farmers, by the nature of their job, tend to work alone. They often face tough decisions, particularly in financially challenging times. As operations become more intense, these decisions can become even harder. It is important to have systems in place to support mental wellness so people can reach out when needed. We believe in the cause and have made contributions to Do More Ag in the past to support their continued work.”

Keeping On the Cutting Edge
Innovation remains a cornerstone of AgroPlus' approach, with a keen focus on staying on top of industry trends like digital agriculture and biological solutions. Leveraging industry seminars, research trials, on-farm experiments, and through sharing best practices among their team, the company stays abreast of the latest advancements to better serve its customers.

“There's been a lot of research investment into the biological field in recent years,” explained Mike. “Our job now is to understand when and where certain products are going to provide a benefit. I don't think there's anything out there that's going to create groundbreaking big wins in the field, but it’s important to know where we can get a little win at the right time and place. This way, we can invest wisely and get a good return on our investment."

Through rigorous testing and localized trials, AgroPlus empowers farmers with actionable insights and proven solutions tailored to their specific environments. “We generally invest a lot of time and effort in testing products and varieties locally to ensure that we know how they will perform under our specific environment,” said Mike. “With our rainfall patterns and intensive heat at times, knowing how products and varieties will perform locally is important. That way we can look our customers in the eye and confidently tell them what things are working and what things aren't.” 

Farming the Future
In Western Canada, farmers have been practicing sustainability and even regenerative agriculture for many years. “We strive to improve our processes continuously. Nobody wants to spend more money and get less in return. If we can produce higher quality or more bushels, people will continue to adopt and expand on new products,” shared Mike. “However, some new products come to the market with many claims but without any proven success or track record. Therefore, it's our responsibility to understand these claims and determine where these products will fit. Not every product will work in every spot, so we need to identify which products will fit at the right time and with the right crop.”

Maintaining and improving soil health is a key factor in sustainable farming. “My favourite soil health tip is – reduced tillage and good rotations are going to create long-term soil benefits,” shared Mike. “I'm still a big believer in having multiple cropping options in the rotation for their multiple benefits; but a good rotation in general, involving multiple species at different times can contribute to creating healthier soil.”

There are many opportunities for sustainable agriculture practices in Western Canada, but it's important to consider the unique needs of each region. “What we do in southern Alberta may not be the most effective for what they do in northeastern Saskatchewan and southern Manitoba,” said Mike. “I think it's crucial to understand the local market and environment and identify the factors that impact crop yields. For instance, in Southern Alberta, moisture has been a significant limiting factor for many years. Therefore, it's important to find ways to increase bushels in an arid climate while staying financially viable.” 

Going the Extra Mile
Beyond its commercial endeavours, AgroPlus Inc. champions the positive contributions of agriculture to society. “As an industry, we do such great things, we need to ensure our positive message gets the airtime it deserves. It’s important for everyone involved in agriculture to share the positive impacts we have – how we steward our environment, improve soil health, strengthen communities, and enhance the lives of people involved in agriculture,” explained Mike. “One of our duties as a part of the agricultural community is to try and make sure that we continue to share the transformative difference that agriculture makes for the world. We must tell our own story and can’t rely on others to communicate that message on our behalf.”

By sharing their story AgroPlus Inc. aims to foster a deeper appreciation for the vital role of agriculture in shaping a sustainable future and promote industry-wide collaboration.
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