Hybrids designed for your operation.

With dozens of corn hybrids to choose from, CROPLAN® has the characteristics you need to succeed.

  • Seedling Vigour
  • Root Strength
  • Dry Down
  • Drought Tolerance
  • Stalk Quality
  • Test Weight

The perfect fit for your field.

Using the latest technology, WinField United can help determine which hybrids, nutrients and crop protection products are the right fit for your acres.

Plant Population

CROPLAN® corn hybrids are carefully evaluated for specific response to plant populations.

Cropping System

Match hybrids to your cropping system and soil type for optimal emergence and yield potential.

Nitrogen Management

Response to Nitrogen scores help determine which hybrids are best for your operation.

Fungicide Usage

Response to fungicide scores help determine where application may increase yield potential.

Discover CROPLAN® corn hybrids

CROPLAN® corn offers farmers seed options best suited to their field conditions and farming practices. Every hybrid offers leading genetic traits and strong yield potential, with access to known protectants such as DoublePRO™ Complete, Agrisure™ Duracade, SmartStax™ Complete and more.

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Country Farm Seeds + WinField United

As of September 2020, Country Farm Seeds and WinField United have joined forces to bring you the best in locally grown products, uniquely adapted to Canadian growing conditions. This partnership combines the power of WinField United traits and genetics with the knowledge and local products of C & L Seeds (Country Farm’s production arm). Read the full story.


2021 CROPLAN Product Guide

The 2021 CROPLAN Product Guide is now available, offering a broad selection of hybrids and varieties specially adapted to local conditions. Download a copy today.


Country Farm Seeds Guide

Explore the best locally-produced corn and soybean offerings from Country Farm Seeds/C & L Seeds Production group. Download the guide now.