Corn seed hybrids for your farm

With dozens of corn hybrids to choose from, CROPLAN® corn seed has the characteristics you need to succeed. Corn traits developed with farmers in mind based on data proven in the field.




  • Seedling Vigour
  • Root Strength
  • Dry Down
  • Drought Tolerance
  • Stalk Quality
  • Test Weight

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Corn hybrids made for every condition, soil and desire.


WinField field trial results

We test how product and technologies perform in your local conditions so you can plant with confidence.



Response-to Scores: Informed & easy corn hybrid selection

WinField United's proprietary response-to scoring system makes it simple to select the corn hybrid best suited to your local soil conditions and operation. We test how products and technologies perform in your local conditions so you can plant with confidence. That means more informed and easy ordering for you and better yields for your corn crop. The response-to scores include corn plant population scores, response-to fungicide scores and a response-to nitrogen score for all WinField corn seed.


Response-to Plant Population

Response-to population scores help you determine the best hybrid for your soil, environmental conditions and management level, so you can get the highest quality crop and best yield potential for your acres.

Response-to Fungicide

Whether fungus is a problem in your field or not, response-to fungicide scores can help you understand which hybrids best match your risk level and application practices, and determine where application may increase yield potential.

Response-to Nitrogen

Nitrogen is essential for a healthy, productive crop. Response-to nitrogen scores help you choose the hybrid best suited to your conditions and determine what other steps you may need for effective nitrogen management.

Planting CROPLAN® corn hybrids

CROPLAN® corn seed offers farmers options best suited to their field conditions and farming practices. Every corn hybrid features leading genetic traits and strong yield potential, with access to known protectants such as VT Double PRO® RIB Complete®, Duracade™, SmartStax® RIB Complete® and more. Using the latest technology, your WinField ag retailer can help determine which corn hybrids, nutrients and crop protection products are the right fit for your acres.



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2024 CROPLAN Product Guide

The 2024 CROPLAN Product Guide is now available, offering a broad selection of hybrids and varieties specially adapted to local conditions. Download a copy today.