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Specially formulated and rigorously tested, WinField adjuvants provide the ultimate control and customization over your spray mix. They’ll help you tackle even the toughest conditions, offering everything from drift control to surfactants to water conditioners and more.

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InterLock® adjuvant is a deposition aid and drift control agent that improves spray pattern and reduces spray drift. InterLock adjuvant works effectively with herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and desiccants.

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Crimson® NG

Crimson® NG is a convenient liquid premix of ammonium sulfate (AMS), and a proprietary blend of water conditioning, coupling, and antifoam agents. A concentrated AMS water conditioner that provides exceptional water conditioning, Crimson NG is designed for use with pesticides that may be ...

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Secure your investment in your crop protection products by improving the performance of your spray, even when you don’t have optimal conditions. WinField adjuvants and water conditioners are suitable for use in both ground and aerial applications. A WinField retailer will help determine the right products for your farm operation.

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