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MasterLock® is a non-ionic surfactant (NIS) with DropTight surfactant technology and drift control. This all-in-one NIS, deposition aid and drift control agent is designed to maximize pesticide performance. MasterLock meets your NIS requirements and helps to reduce spray drift.
REGIONAL AVAILABILITY : Eastern & Western Canada


  • MasterLock adjuvant with DropTight technology helps optimize droplet adhesion, which reduces bounce and increases droplet sticking and spreading for improved contact and coverage. Delivering more active ingredient to the leaf surface.
  • MasterLock improves deposition of the spray droplets onto the intended target and improves canopy penetration.
  • Reduces spray drift and evaporation of pesticides.
  • NPE-free formulations should not contribute to arrested ear in corn.
  • PMRA registered activator adjuvant.
0.3-0.5% v/v ground and aerial applications


0.3-0.5% v/v ground and aerial applications
100% Surfactant blend


100% Surfactant blend
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2 x 10 L jugs/case
450 L tote
Non-ionic surfactant and deposition agent plus drift control


Non-ionic surfactant and deposition agent plus drift control

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