Health food for your herd.

Choosing the right hybrid for your livestock is essential for a healthy herd. With Data Proven insights from nearly 200 annual Answer Plot locations, WinField United can help you pick the right seed based on your unique needs.

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  • NDFD
  • Milk per Acre
  • Starch

Hybrid seed designed for feed.

The SilageFirst® seed from CROPLAN is specifically designed for high-producing dairy and beef cattle. Choose the hybrids that are right for your production goals.

Leafy Hybrids

  • Leafy stalks are thicker and more digestible.
  • Large ears that produce more energy.

Floury-Leafy Hybrids

  • Bridges the gap between previous year’s corn silage pile and the current year’s feed.
  • Lower total starch, but softer kernel texture allows starch to be readily digested for more available energy.

High-Energy/High-Tonnage Hybrids

  • More flexibility in harvest and feedout when combined with leafy and floury-leafy hybrids.
  • Appropriate for feeding after 120+ day post ensiling, when they reach optimum starch and fiber digestibility.
  • Provide energy and tonnage to optimize weight gain in beef cattle.

Optimize forage quality at feedout.

The average farmer loses 15 per cent or more of total corn silage yield each year to dry matter loss at harvest and storage. Follow these steps to help minimize losses.

  • Harvest corn silage when the crop is between 63% and 69% moisture.
  • Apply silage inoculant.
  • Pack densely with the correct weight.
  • Cover with two layers of plastic to seal and protect from spoilage.

Explore CROPLAN® Silage Corn varieties

Find the best hybrid corn seed for your farm with advice from your local WinField United retailer. Backed by proven Answer Plot data, you’ll enjoy optimal performance based on whatever variables you face.

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Country Farm Seeds + WinField United

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