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Kick weeds to the curb with WinField's herbicide portfolio.

Give your crops the edge they need over hard to kill weeds with WinField United’s extensive portfolio of herbicides for pulses, grains and forage crops. Backed by rigorous testing, reliable data and local agronomic support, we’ll help you build a weed control plan for a cleaner field all season long.

Get ultimate freedom and control with Unpacked.

Unpacked offers your favourite herbicides without adjuvant in the box, so you can select the adjuvant you want and how much you use. Available in Antler® 360, Marshall® and Cadillac™.


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Go ahead, take a peek at our most popular products.

Antler® 360 Unpacked

Antler® 360 Unpacked provides the high-performance grass control you expect from a clethodim formulation, but with 50% more active ingredient per liter. Adjuvant sold separately.

Stonewall® 540

Unsurpassed grass and broadleaf weed control in glyphosate tolerant crops.


Search our full herbicide lineup.

Be at the forefront of resistance management with WinField Herbicides, including broadleaf herbicides, high performance grass control and broad-spectrum weed control options to tackle hard to kill weeds. Choose from pre-seed herbicides, in-season weed control, desiccation (burn-down) and post-harvest herbicides. Unpacked herbicides allow you to choose an adjuvant separately for customized performance. Includes trusted brands like our Antler herbicides, Cadillac and Marshall herbicides. Talk to your local WinField Canada representative for more information.


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