The best alfalfa genetics for farmers’ fields

Nothing's more important to milk production than quality feed. That's why we work with farmers to select the best alfalfa genetics for their fields. WinField United's advanced alfalfa seeds help you maximize performance and profit potential through increased forage utilization.

Alfalfa with higher quality and improved yield potential

Manage your feed crop your way. With HarvXtra® alfalfa seed, you can choose to cut on a normal schedule for higher NDFD, or delay harvest for increased yield potential. HarvXtra® alfalfa is perfect for Eastern Canadian growing conditions.

HarvXtra® Alfalfa seed is only registered for use in Eastern Canada.

HarvXtra® alfalfa: the most advanced alfalfa crop yet

Growing alfalfa crops starts with the right alfalfa seed. Choose from the most advanced seed traits to suit your farm practices and field conditions. This includes traits that maximize winter-hardiness, yield and digestibility with superior leaf retention and stem quality, seed coatings, and disease resistance packages.

Harvest Flexibility

Harvest alfalfa on a standard 28-day cycle for higher quality forage or delay 7 to 10 days for increased yield potential (up to 20% higher).

Exceptional Digestibility and Feed Quality

The first enhanced alfalfa developed to maximize quality by reducing acid detergent lignin (by up to 20%) for better milk production potential.

Insect and Disease Management

Control insects common in alfalfa crops such as aphids, and manage foliar leaf disease and Anthracnose.

Roundup Ready® Technology

Give your crops home field advantage over weeds. Planting Roundup Ready® alfalfa seed means a quicker harvest, reduced effort and easier weed control.

Seed Coating & Treatment

CROPLAN® alfalfa seed is coated to aid in producing strong, healthy seedlings for high yielding alfalfa stands.

Low Lignin Alfalfa

Reduce lignin-induced indigestibility and stimulate higher milk production without reducing the stability of the alfalfa plant.

Growing CROPLAN® alfalfa

Whether you want the advanced trait and flexibility of HarvXtra® alfalfa or the proven benefits of conventional alfalfa varieties, CROPLAN® has an alfalfa seed perfect for your farm and region. Pair with the right fungicides and herbicides for the best results.

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2024 CROPLAN® Product Guide

The 2024 CROPLAN® Product Guide is now available, offering a broad selection of hybrids and seed varieties specially adapted to local conditions. Download a copy today.