The best canola you’ve never seeded.

Reap maximum yield potential with CROPLAN® canola seed by WinField United. We’ve handpicked the industry’s best genetics to bring you a broad selection of canola hybrids and varieties specially adapted to your unique field conditions.

Get the seed traits you need for whatever conditions you face.

Disease Management

Don’t let blackleg or clubroot throw a wrench into your operation. Get the disease resistance you need for your area and conditions.

Roundup Ready®

Give your crops home field advantage over weeds. Planting Roundup Ready® canola seed means a quicker harvest, reduced effort and easier weed control.

TruFlex™ Canola with Roundup Ready® Technology

Don’t give weeds a chance. TruFlex canola lets you control a wider range of weeds earlier in the year, so you can reap the rewards of higher yield potential at harvest

Straight Cut

Skip the swather. Straight cut canola can help save time and labour costs while increasing potential for higher quality seed and reducing risk of yield loss to pod shatter.

CROPLAN® canola seed delivers an excellent shatter tolerance score.

CP21T3P is the newest product in the CROPLAN canola line up and is quickly earning its place as the best glyphosate tolerant straight cut hybrid on the market. CROPLAN canola seed showed a lower shatter score than Roundup Ready, TruFlex and LibertyLink competitors in a recent field study.

Get the seed traits you need for whatever conditions you face.

High Yielding

Straight Cut

Pod Integrity

Disease Resistance

CROPLAN® canola hybrid varieties

CROPLAN canola offers farmers choice. Selecting more than one canola hybrid to plant is a strong risk management strategy. When you choose more than one hybrid, with differing maturities, you can decrease your exposure to environmental risk factors and reduce the potential of having all your acres ready to swath or harvest at the same time.

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2023 CROPLAN Product Guide

The 2023 CROPLAN Product Guide is now available, offering a broad selection of hybrids and varieties specially adapted to local conditions. Download a copy today.


The CROPLAN® hybrid canola seed naming system

The CROPLAN® canola seed naming system helps farmers understand important trait and maturity information just by looking at the name. See below for a quick reference guide.


  • CP The letter CP is the brand prefix for CROPLAN. You will see the CP prefix on all our CROPLAN seed names.
  • 20 These two digits represent the year that the hybrid was first introduced. From a quick reference, you can identify how long the hybrid has been available in the market.
  • R This letter represents the herbicide/trait system.
    • R = Roundup Ready
    • T = TruFlex
    • L= LibertyLink
  • 3 This digit represents the maturity rating.
    • 1 = Early | 3 = Mid | 5 = Long
  • C The final letter represents the specific agronomic characteristic that the hybrid represents. While there may be several agronomic characteristics associated with the hybrid, this letter highlights the key agronomic attribute.
    • C = Clubroot Resistant
    • P = Pod Shatter
CROPLAN canola is available in 22.7kg bags treated with Syngenta SeedCare TM products.