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Maintain the health and yield potential of your crops with the proven power of WinField United plant nutrition. Versatile and rigorously tested, our crop nutrition products are specially formulated to meet the nutritional needs of crops across a broad range of soil conditions, fertility programs and tillage practices.

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MAX-IN® Boron

Supports plant health and growth in various crops. Foliar boron with MAX-IN technology, designed to make more of the applied nutrient available for plants.

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Ultra-Che Zinc

Zinc that remain stable and plant available in a highly compatible formula that mixes well with liquid macronutrients.

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Explore plant growth regulators & micronutrients

Give your crops exact amounts of nitrogen, boron, iron, manganese and zinc they need. WinField Plant Nutrition products can be used in a broad spectrum of crops and are easily mixed with most other crop nutrients and crop protection products. Micronutrients can be used on a variety of crops with flexible timing, including pre-plant, starter, side-dress, for optimum early-season nutrition for your crops. Contact your local WinField United retailer to find the option that’s right for your field.

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