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Don’t let fungal diseases limit your yield quality or potential. Get broad-spectrum control for both soilborne and foliar crop diseases, rigorously tested in fields just like yours. 

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Confine® Extra

Control damaging fungal disease in a variety of crops with this phosphite–based fungicide.

Product Details

Optimize yield potential of CROPLAN canola, corn and soybeans with this broad-spectrum, systemic fungicide (with Prothioconazole).

Product Details

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Optimize yield potential with WinField Fungicide for peas, corn, soybeans and other crops. Whether you’re dealing with powdery mildew or snow mold, a fungicide application can help ensure uniform stand establishment by protecting against soil-borne diseases and improving early season insect control. Our custom designed response-to-fungicide (RTF) ratings for corn offers insight into how your crops can benefit from a fungicide application. Contact your local WinField retailer for more information.

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