With genes like these, who needs magic beans?

Match the right soybean to your field. With WinField United’s proven technology, we’ll help you get the perfect soybean genetics and traits for your field’s conditions. Plus, you’ll get outstanding disease tolerance to help protect your soybean crop through all seasons and growth stages.

Manage variability like a boss with WinPak® soybeans.

WinPak® combines two certified soybean varieties in one bag, so you can confidently seed without second guessing. Seeds are carefully paired to provide complementary characteristics such as disease and drought tolerance, standability, yield potential, and more.

CROPLAN® Soybean Traits

Soybean plants are hardy and adapt to a wide range of soils. Achieve your soybean crop’s optimal yield potential by matching the right genetic package to each field’s specific environment. All CROPLAN® soybean varieties offer consistent drydown and a high yield potential.

Consistent Drydown

Maturities are carefully selected so both varieties have consistent drydown in the field.

Weed Resistance Management

The newest genetics with multiple herbicide trait options developed to effectively manage your weed-resistance issues.

Regional Customization

Seed pairings are carefully formulated to provide you with optimal performance in your specific region.

Boost Yield Potential

Premium pairing of seed varieties offers a consistent boost to yield potential that is otherwise hard to find.

Balanced Overall Variability

Helps to balance the variability inherent in other factors that affect overall yield potential, such as weather challenges.

Soybean seeds with traits for whatever nature throws at you.

CROPLAN® soybean seed offers the newest genetics with multiple trait options to help effectively manage your weed resistance issues. Soybean seed traits and genetics are refined through our extensive field trial program of small plot, large scale replicated and demonstration trials across Canada. 

Disease Management

Select your disease package based on field history and regional disease pressures.  If you’re new to growing soybeans, talk to your local agronomist for regional insights and support.

Place by Variety

Achieve optimal yield potential by matching the right genetic package to each field’s specific environment.

Root Rot Resistance

Don’t let phytophthora root rot (PRR) rob you of yields. Your local WinField United retailer can help you select the right resistance gene for your field.

Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® Soybeans

Maximize yield potential while managing resistance concerns with built-in tolerance to glyphosate and dicamba.

Enlist E3® Soybeans

Three herbicide tolerances – 2,4-D choline, glyphosate and glufosinate - combined to deliver more weed control options.

Planting the right soybean crop.

Many factors influence what soybean seed to plant in your fields, including crop safety, weed spectrum and relative maturity. If you're looking to grow soybean crops, a WinField seed retailer can help select the right soybean hybrids for your farm based on a broad range of traits and field data, along with the right fungicides and herbicides for your soil conditions.

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2024 CROPLAN Product Guide

The 2024 CROPLAN Product Guide is now available, offering a broad selection of hybrids and varieties specially adapted to local conditions. Download a copy today.