The right flowers to pick.

Get the best sunflower seed genetics for your operation. With the newest traits and insights, backed by our extensive North American Answer Plot® testing, WinField United brings you the best sunflower hybrids with high yield and oil-premium potential and diverse genetics to match your marketing objectives.

Why add CROPLAN® sunflowers to your crop rotation?

CROPLAN® sunflower seed features the newest traits and insights, helping you manage disease and weeds based on field specific requirements to maximize your sunflower crop yield potential.

Weed Resistance

 A great weed-resistance tool when rotating herbicides.

Insects and Disease

Disrupt insect and disease patterns when rotated with wheat and corn.

Nutrient Use

Maximize nutrient use with a deep root system that reaches nutrients washed too deep for other crops.

Drought Tolerance

Greater drought tolerance than corn, soybeans, canola and many other crops.

Time Management

Help spread out farm labour workload and equipment use.

Sunflower hybrids to match your market

Sunflower has become a market segmented by grain uses, and any single sunflower hybrid might fit one or more market options. Sunflower markets include:


  • High Oleic Sunflower Seed
  • Specific oil levels trending above 85% oleic based on market requirements.*
  • NuSun® Sunflowers
  • Standard sunflower seed for the oil market.
  • Hulling Sunflowers
  • All oil types that have proper seed size and ease of shell removal.
  • Birdseed
  • Regional markets throughout Canada for all oil types.

Growing CROPLAN® sunflower crops

Grow CROPLAN® sunflower crops for the latest sunflower seed genetics with the perfect traits for your farm. Your local WinField United Canada retailer will help select the best sunflower seed for your operation along with the right fungicides and herbicides for your soil conditions.

Choose the right sunflower seed traits

Seed Size

Optimizing plant-to-plant spacing is important, and seed size can play a role in achieving correct spacing and population of sunflower crops.

Prosun™ Precise Seed Coating

Prosun™ precise seed coating (available on many CROPLAN® sunflower varieties) offers more seed size options, more consistent seed size, uniformity in stand establishment and even growth for optimal weed, disease and insect management.

DuPont™ ExpressSun® Trait

Enjoy good yield control options, with a Group 2 herbicide mode of action. This trait provides tolerance to Express® herbicide, for advanced yield potential.

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2023 CROPLAN Product Guide

The 2023 CROPLAN Product Guide is now available, offering a broad selection of hybrids and varieties specially adapted to local conditions. Download a copy today.