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Growing a Sustainable Future

Sustainable agriculture means meeting the agricultural needs of today without compromising the needs of future generations.

Leading positive change in agriculture is a fundamental part of who we are at WinField United Canada. And sustainability is a significant part of that – supporting ag retailers and communities to seize emerging opportunities in sustainable agriculture. From soil management, conservation agronomy and data readiness, we provide the education, tools and partnerships to help retail owners remain resilient and relevant for the long term.

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Soil Management: Soil Health and Nutrient Management

Nutrient management and soil health are important for building and maintaining resilient and productive fields. Through our network, we can help you understand regional differences, the benefits of 4R nutrient stewardship, and how to evaluate biological, chemical and physical soil properties – the foundation for practices that maintain and improve soil. Healthy soils better sequester carbon, cycle nutrients and weather the increasing impacts of climate change.

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Data Readiness

Having the tools to manage and measure field-level data is essential. Whether it’s sustainable sourcing contracts, carbon markets or accessing funding dollars, high quality digital data is your key to taking advantage of emerging ecosystem markets.

Through WinField United Canada, farmers have access to a range of tools to collect relevant data and understand sustainability indicators at a farm and field level. These baseline reports not only help guide continuous improvement over time, but also allow farmers and retailers to gauge their data readiness for emerging ecosystem markets. 

Conservation Agronomy

Improving your environmental impact and crop productivity in-field is the foundation of sustainability in agriculture. Good agronomy and stewardship go hand-in-hand. We’re focused on understanding how biological products, regenerative agriculture principles and non-productive land management can be used to build resilient and productive acres. It’s all about understanding context, continuous improvement, education and implementing beneficial management practices. Our network provides trusted advice and reduces risk through leadership, education and field trialing practices for farmers.

Industry Involvement

Independent retail is a powerful force in the agriculture industry. WinField United Canada is proud to represent and advocate for independent retailers within industry-led organizations and movements, ensuring their voices are heard and their needs are considered. Below are some of the organizations in which we participate that focus on Canadian agricultural sustainability.

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CropLife Canada

CropLife Canada represents the Canadian manufacturers, developers and distributors of pest control and modern plant breeding products.

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National Index on Agri-Food Performance

A coalition of private-public partners working pre-competitively to develop an integrated picture of sustainability for Canada’s agri-food sector, from food production to retail.

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Field to Market Canada

Field to Market Canada: The Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture creates productive and profitable opportunities across the agricultural value chain for continuous improvements in environmental outcomes.

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A non-profit environmental stewardship organization that works with members, partner agencies, and the government to ensure Canadian farmers can actively contribute to a healthy environment and a sustainable future.

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