Our trials, your results.

The only real measure of success is how our products and technology perform in your field. We invest in rigorous, comprehensive product development, testing and research each year, so you can farm with absolute confidence.

World-class facilities

55,000 sq ft of agronomic research and development space. That’s a lot of room for innovation. Now fill that with some of the most advanced equipment, facilities and scientific minds in the industry and you’ve got the WinField United Innovation Center.

Controlled Environments

We test products year-round in our greenhouse and growth chambers. This allows us to accelerate the development of new products and respond to agronomic issues quickly. We gain a greater understanding of how our products work in different environments without the unpredictability of in-field testing.

Chemistry Labs

Our chemistry labs let us streamline testing materials to efficiently develop new products. So when new issues arise in the field, we can quickly develop, test and deliver a solution we know works.

Seed Care and Plant Performance Lab

We test product compatibility and seed coverage then simulate planting and emergence conditions to provide seed care products you can trust. We also study plant performance factors, like nutrient uptake and stress management, so we can help you deliver the exact nutrients plants need at the most beneficial times.

Spray Analysis System
(Wind Tunnel)

Our patented Spray Analysis System is one of only a few in the world. We use it to simulate real-world conditions as we test an almost endless combination of active ingredients, spray nozzles and tank mixes. Then, after precisely measuring spray droplet size and trajectory, we can identify the best combination for the most targeted applications.

From the lab to the field.

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