Driving business digitally.

From the office to the field, WinField United Canada helps you get a handle on the digital capabilities and data you need to make your retail business more efficient than ever. Through support with customized marketing campaigns and our proprietary ATLAS® portal, you can streamline sales, empower your marketing and enhance customer relationships.

Discover the power of ATLAS®

ATLAS® by WinField United brings your retail a complete, customizable, unified digital experience. ATLAS creates seamless efficiency for your business – from establishing and managing your online presence to capturing grower orders, marketing support and sales to news and weather information for your farmers. It’s everything you need in one place.

Digital innovation for independent ag

Get cutting-edge technology developed with you at heart. ATLAS incorporates all the power and capability you’d expect from the biggest players in the industry, but is purpose-built for the unique needs of independent ag retailers.

Keep your data where it belongs

ATLAS makes sure your data stays with a business you already know and trust. Whether it’s customer contacts, sales figures or field insights, WinField United keeps your digital records secure, and we’ll never share or sell your information or data to third parties for any purpose.

Customer insights tracking

You know the best agronomic solutions for your farmers. ATLAS makes it easy to leverage that knowledge so you can provide recommendations to help your farmers optimize their fields, giving you (and your customers) an agronomic edge.

Technology changes at such a rapid pace, it can be tough to keep up.

With WinField United, though, you have access to hands-on support and leading-edge solutions to help you get up and running – and stay there.

eCommerce/Online Sales

ATLAS allows you to quickly move a farmer from order to sale by managing almost every aspect of your sales process digitally. Best of all, we’ll help you set it up, with responsive tech support whenever you need it.

  • Easily create a branded ecommerce-capable, responsive website
  • Enable 1:1 marketing opportunities
  • Track progress on marketing campaigns
  • Easily setup product catalogues
  • Set your own pricing
  • One-on-one setup assistance

Digital Marketing

Get more from your marketing. Simplify brand management, and manage and track your digital activities to gain valuable insights that will help you deliver the right message at just the right time.

  • Manage digital and social marketing campaigns
  • Gain valuable insight into your audience
  • Track campaign, ad performance and web analytics
  • Get more out of in-person events to create demand ahead of and follow up after

Digital Process Improvement

Find new ways to improve efficiency and make your digital systems work seamlessly together. We’ll help you identify areas for improvement and assist you in implementing solutions.

  • Change management support to help staff adapt to new ways of doing business using digital tools
  • Hands-on setup and technical support
  • Reduced data entry and opportunity for errors
  • Track and analyze orders throughout the year to optimize supply chain
  • Coming soon - End-to-end integration to streamline the order process, from the farmer all the way to the supplier  

Ag-first digital expertise

Taylor Wildeman
Taylor Wildeman
Director of Technology
Supply chain system integration expert
Phone: 888-975-4769
Cell: 306-222-3667

Leverage Taylor’s deep understanding of the various “systems” and “warehouses” of data along the supply chain: from manufacturing to wholesaler to retailer to farmer. He can help enhance your efficiency and create seamless end-to-end connectivity so you can deliver maximum value to your stakeholders.

Alex Jewell
Alex Jewell
Marketing Lead
Project, technology and digital marketing expert
Phone: 888-975-4769
Cell: 306-291-2867

Alex can help you navigate the ever-evolving journey of your customers, optimizing every touch point along the way. From content and marketing strategy to customer engagement, she’ll help you build a powerful, lasting connection with your customers and set your retail apart from the pack.


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