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A more grounded way to farm.

The future of ag isn’t written at a desk. It isn’t decided from 9 to 5 in a highrise office behind walls of glass and concrete. It’s on the ground; up before dawn. It’s rough hands, nails black with grease and soil.

At WinField United Canada, we’re all about getting our hands dirty. Combining local understanding and world-class expertise, we provide independent ag retailers and their customers with products and services designed to fit their specific needs.

We focus on delivering what Canadian operations need, and stand behind the independent local retailers that help them get there. After all, no two seasons, regions, fields, or farmers are identical. And no one knows what an operation needs like those on the ground.

Who is WinField United?


WinField United manufactures a wide range of advanced crop protection products, as well as offering elite genetics and traits in a single seed brand.


We love data. Our cutting-edge research facilities unearth the latest insights, while our spray and seed clinics offer hands-on education to help you farm smarter.


In addition to our own products, WinField United distributes some of the biggest brand names in agriculture, including ADAMA, Corteva, FMC, Nufarm, and Syngenta.


WinField United supports a growing network of independent local ag retailers across Canada. From distribution to marketing services, we’re here to help your retail business grow.

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The partner you need, not the one you’re used to.

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When livelihoods are at stake, there’s no room for guesswork. That’s where data, tech innovation and local expertise come in. And it’s how WinField United brings retailers and farmers the newest products and industry knowledge to fuel their growth.

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Farming’s a tough business that deserves tough conversations. We’re here to question how things have ‘always been done’ and find the best way to do them, now and for the future. We proudly fight for the needs of independent retailers and the farmers they support.

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Industries don’t get much more real than farming. And we aim to keep it that way. You won’t find any stereotypes or blowing smoke here. Just honest knowledge, passion and expertise dedicated to elevating real Canadian retailers and operations.

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You don’t need to be big to be mighty. Our growing network of independent ag retailers represents a wide range of regions and producers. Together, they provide a wealth of local expertise, backed by the national distribution and production power of WinField United.

Rooted in community

WinField United Canada was started with a purpose that still guides us today: work together to build strong, vibrant agricultural communities. It’s been a whirlwind of change, but one that’s only strengthened both our commitment to local, independent ag retailers and their customers, and the products and services we offer them.

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From humble beginnings

Started in 2010 by a handful of independent ag retailers with a dream to grow millions more bushels, we were created to offer centralized business services and agronomy training and expertise that might otherwise be inaccessible to local businesses.

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The power of partnership

Throughout the years, we’ve attracted some of the best independent ag retailers in the industry. Through those partnerships, WinField United Canada has expanded to become a leading retail-owned distribution and service company that supports a network of locally owned ag-retailers across the country.

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WinField United + Country Farm Seeds

As of September 2020, WinField United has joined forces with Country Farm Seeds to offer the best in locally grown corn and soybean products, uniquely adapted to Canadian growing conditions. This partnership combines the power of WinField United traits and genetics with the knowledge and local products of C & L Seeds (Country Farm’s production arm).

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