Ultra-Che® Zinc Micronutrients

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Soil Applied Micronutrients Protected by EDTA Chelation. The Ultra-Che® line of micronutrients are the only 100% EDTA chelated products for reduced nutrient tie-up in the soil and therefore increased nutrient efficiency and availability to plants. The chelators in Ultra-Che micronutrients provide the strongest and most reliable protection against micronutrient deactivation.
Regional Availability: Eastern & Western Canada


  • Provide strong protection against immobilization of metal ion micronutrients to help keep products stable and plant-available.
  • Help supply nutrients more efficiently.
  • Help increase tank-mix compatibility of Ultra-Che micronutrients with other products


1-6 L/acre

Active Ingredient

9.0% Chelated Zinc | 7.0% Nitrogen

Packaging SIZE

2 x 10 L jugs/case
1000 L tote



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