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Agronomic Insights from Answer Plot®

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Featuring: Martin Carr, PAg, CCA, 4R-NMS, Agronomy Manager West, - WinField United Canada
WinField® United Canada’s Answer Plot® site is a robust platform to provide insights, unravel variability, and enhance predictability. The site is used for tours and to showcase the results of side-by-side replicated trials featuring trusted partners’ products and WinField United Canada solutions. Every year, Answer Plot provides attendees with a hands-on learning experience with demonstrations and trials in many different crops.

Martin Carr, Agronomy Manager for Western Canada with WinField United Canada, shared highlights from Answer Plot at the 2023 Agronomy Academy. He shared his favourite insights on trials that covered canola performance, canola shatter, and WinField United adjuvants, alongside other cool site learnings.

Canola Performance Trials
Replicated trials comparing industry-leading canola products showed that CROPLAN® canola continues to shine. “CROPLAN canola repeatedly shows consistent performance,” explained Carr. “We tested our hybrids against some of the best products in the marketplace again this year, which is some solid competition, and the CROPLAN canola genetics held their own."

With a focus on flexibility and solid disease resistance to match the current CROPLAN lineup, WinField also tested ten canola experimental hybrids on five sites across Western Canada. “We’re always looking to continue our research to be able to offer farmers a high-performing canola hybrid with the most flexibility possible,” shared Carr.

CROPLAN Canola Hybrid Highlights
  • CP21T3P TruFlex™
    • This hybrid offers industry-leading straight-cut genetics within the TruFlex™ system, excellent yield potential across all acres, enhanced multigenic blackleg resistance, and impressive vigour even on cool soils.
  • CP22T1C TruFlex™
    • Coming to you with an excellent straight-cut rating, this hybrid contains classic plus new clubroot genetics, is early maturing for mid-short season zones, and provides a strong yield with excellent stress tolerance.
  • CP21L3C LibertyLink®
    • Excellent disease package with R rating to blackleg and clubroot, holding a mid maturity this hybrid is a great fit on any acre, with strong yield potential and a very good lodging score. Apply Crimson® NG with Justice™ and Antler® herbicides.
  • New! CP24L3C* LibertyLink®
    • The newest product in the CROPLAN canola lineup is earning its place as a reliable LibertyLink straight-cut hybrid. With a strong pod shatter score and an excellent clubroot package, CP24L3C is a great LibertyLink hybrid option for growers to include in their 2024 season. 
Farmer Field Trials – Canola Hybrid Results
“Understanding how our products perform in local markets is important, we work with our network to ensure the distribution of on-farm trials across Western Canada and get that on-the-ground insight that is so valuable for local farmers,” shares Carr. “The Farmer Field Trials echo what we saw in our small plot trials, with positive performances for CROPLAN hybrids.”
Explore more CROPLAN canola trial results here.

Canola Shatter Trials
The annual WinField United pod shatter trials underscore our commitment to providing accurate pod shatter ratings and understanding canola genetics. Our scores are created using the Canola Council of Canada’s shatter score scale and are backed by comprehensive data collected from our trials. Carr elaborates, "Our canola shatter trials resemble standard variety trials, with the key distinction being that we desiccate the crop and allow it to stand for a minimum of six weeks to expose it to various weather conditions. Once the canola has been subjected to nature's elements, we combine it and evaluate the results of the custom harvest trays.”

“The WinField United Canada pod shatter trials are unique because we look at both pod shatter and pod drop,” shared Carr. “At the end of the day, it's all about what the farmer gets in their bin. Understanding the genetics of whether a particular hybrid is more prone to yield loss from pod drop or pod shatter is one way we can assist farmers in making data-driven decisions, enabling them to confidently select the CROPLAN hybrid that best suits their operation.”

Learn more about measuring canola pod integrity and the CROPLAN shatter trials here.

*Image credit: Canola Council of Canada

*Image credit: Canola Council of Canada

MasterLock® Fungicide Trial
The Hold On To Your Yield Fungicide Trial, a collaboration between WinField United Canada and Bayer Crop Science, aimed to demonstrate the advantages of incorporating MasterLock® alongside Holdfast® fungicide, while highlighting the user-friendly Climate FieldView™ platform for prescription writing and data collection. Spanning 16 retailers across 19 locations in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, the trials yielded data from 14 locations. Learn more about the trial details here.

“What was cool about our MasterLock trials this year, is that over the 14 trial sites, we achieved a 90%-win rate against fungicide applied alone,” said Carr. “That is a huge win, especially since it was a dry year. We saw approximately 2.5 bushels per acre yield increase, even in a dry year, which is a great return on investment. When you consider the critical impact of a fungicide application in a wet year, you can see where the addition of MasterLock really makes a difference to your yield.”

Other Cool Learnings
Seed treatment plays a vital role in ensuring that crops get off to a strong and healthy start, laying the foundation for successful growth and maximizing yield potential. In 2023, we conducted trials comparing our existing CROPLAN canola seed treatment, Helix® Saltro® Fortenza® Advanced, with another leading seed treatment combination. These trials are vital for ensuring that we consistently offer industry-leading seed treatment options for our CROPLAN products, as emphasized by Carr: “We are always looking to ensure we are using the best products, and trials like this help to confirm that.”

“An effective seed treatment not only ensures healthier seedlings but also contributes to a more uniform stand establishment, setting the stage for robust crop development. Stimulating germination, promoting early root development, and enhancing plant resilience to environmental stresses like drought and temperature extremes during the crucial early stages of growth, helps optimize crop performance throughout the season, ultimately leading to increased yield potential - a key factor for CROPLAN hybrids.”

Our canola seed treatment trial will be returning to Answer Plot in 2024, as part of our commitment to providing the best canola products to farmers in Western Canada.

The Answer Plot site remains an invaluable platform for insights into new products and agronomic practices. As we conclude this year's endeavours, we extend an invitation to join us on an Answer Plot site tour in 2024. Tours will be taking place July 16 – 17, 2024, talk to your local WinField United Canada representative to get registered. Witness firsthand the culmination of rigorous research and practical applications, giving attendees informative in-field training!

*Pending registration.

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Agronomic Insights from Answer Plot®
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Agronomic Insights from Answer Plot®