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At WinField United, we focus on what’s right – for crops, for farmers and for independent ag retailers. From seed, nutrients and crop protection to data and knowledge, putting our best into the ground helps you get more out of it. 

Conditions Applied.

Other products have conditions*.
Our adjuvants deal with them.

From reducing drift and increasing uptake to tank mixed conditioners that enhance any water source, WinField United adjuvants power your pesticides.


Level the playing field.

Empower your retail business with WinField United. Get the knowledge, support and products you need to help grow your business and take a bite out of the big guys.


Farming Intelligence

Low and Local – Controlling Clubroot in Canola

Who should grow clubroot-resistant canola? Clubroot continues to build up across the Prairies, driven by the multiplication and s...

ADAMA launches new SORATEL™ fungicide

SORATEL™, a new fungicide engineered to protect Canada’s most important crops from disease, is registered for use...

InterLock® In Aerial Applications (FAQs)

When using atomizer nozzles, compared to a flat fan, does the use pattern of InterLock change? Does the recommendation change? ...

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