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At WinField United, we focus on what’s right – for crops, for farmers and for independent ag retailers. From seed, nutrients and crop protection to data and knowledge, putting our best into the ground helps you get more out of it. 

Conditions Applied.

Other products have conditions*.
Our adjuvants deal with them.

From reducing drift and increasing uptake to tank mixed conditioners that enhance any water source, WinField United adjuvants power your pesticides.


Level the playing field.

Empower your retail business with WinField United. Get the knowledge, support and products you need to help grow your business and take a bite out of the big guys.


Farming Intelligence

Viatude Fungicide Wages War Against Fungal Diseases in Canola and Soybeans

Now, we all know that fungal diseases can be a real pain in the you-know-what. They can significantly reduce crop yields, affect c...

The Power of Nature Unlocked: OHM™ Biostimulant by UPL

UPL's OHM™ Biostimulant is about to take your crop game to the next level. This highly concentrated seaweed extract from...

Journey 5km By WinField United Canada: Supporting Mental Health in Canadian Agriculture

Spring brings renewal to the agricultural industry, but it can also bring stress and burnout. That's why, for the past three y...

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