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WinField United Canada is excited to introduce CROPLAN® seed to its Canadian owners.

High-performing CROPLAN® seed was established in 1996 and is backed by the expertise and insights to help farmers reap maximum yield potential from each field.  The broad portfolio of locally proven seed varieties is backed by data from over 200 North American Answer Plot® locations. 

By handpicking seed from the industry's best genetics, CROPLAN® seed offers a broad selection of hybrids and varieties specially adapted to local conditions. WinField® United precision ag solutions helps farmers place seed and crop inputs to achieve high yield and ROI potential. Learn more about CROPLAN® here.

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Country Farm Seeds + WinField United

As of September 2020, Country Farm Seeds and WinField United have joined forces to bring you the best in locally grown products, uniquely adapted to Canadian growing conditions. This partnership combines the power of WinField United traits and genetics with the knowledge and local products of C & L Seeds (Country Farm’s production arm).Read the full story.

Explore the best locally-produced corn and soybean offerings from Country Farm Seeds/C & L Seeds Production group.

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