Response-to Score Tool

Find your perfect match using three key variables for corn production: plant population, nitrogen application and fungicide application. Answer the questions below based on your farming practices and find the perfect hybrid to help you manage individual fields and maximize productivity.

What is your corn heat unit range?

Please select CHU range first, for Response-To Score Tool.

Response-to Population

  • Select yes or no
  • Do you generally plant above 34500?
  • Is this field drought prone?
  • Does this field have high yield potential?

Response-to Nitrogen

  • Select yes or no
  • Do you apply all your nitrogen up front?
  • Do you split apply your nitrogen?
  • Will you apply manure?
  • Is this field corn on corn?
  • Is this field following a legume crop?

Response-to Fungicide

  • Select yes or no
  • Will you apply a fungicide or consider a fungicide application in this field if the conditions are right?
  • Do you usually delay corn harvest later in your operations or do you apply a late-season fungicide improve stalk integrity?

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Your Results

Based on your farming practices, here are hybrids that would work well on your farm. Click "View" to see the detail on the hybrid.

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