Crimson® NG

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Crimson® NG is a convenient liquid premix of ammonium sulfate (AMS), and a proprietary blend of water conditioning, coupling, and antifoam agents. A concentrated AMS water conditioner that provides exceptional water conditioning, Crimson NG is designed for use with pesticides that may be affected by hard water or challenging application conditions. Crimson NG may also be used in other spray applications when the herbicide necessitates AMS additives.
Regional Availability: Eastern & Western Canada


  • Prevents herbicide antagonism for optimum performance.
  • Enhanced formulation now contains antifoam for added convenience.
  • Pre-dissolved to alleviate sedimentation and nozzle plugging.


1-2.5% v/v

Active Ingredient

AMS (34%) and a proprietary blend of water conditioning, coupling and antifoam agents

Packaging SIZE

2 x 10 L jugs/case
450 L tote
1000 L tote


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