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Raise the Barn: Project Highlight - SJ Agronomy Services Inc.

Dec 02, 2022
WinField United Canada
Raise the Barn

After reading the notes from the Miami Parent Advisory Council (PAC) meeting outlining the need for a meeting and learning space for students, SJ Agronomy Services Inc. recognized an opportunity to support the community’s needs through the Raise the Barn program offered by WinField United Canada. The contest, open to WinField United’s owner retails, accepted entries for local projects that impacted a need in the areas of Mental Health, Hunger, Education or Community Spirit.

Glenna Reichert with SJ Agronomy Services Inc. Miami location shares, “We believe in supporting local businesses, our farmers, and our community and this was a great opportunity to contribute towards the solution to a growing need.”

The planned outdoor classroom and meeting space is adjacent to the natural forest zone and walkways already present at Miami School, providing a beautiful backdrop for education. Students who spend more time outside, whether in play or learning, have been shown to have better overall mental health, physical well-being and test scores. 

With partnership and consultation with local indigenous elders, the meeting space will include a fire pit and tipi honouring indigenous teachings and the tenants of reconciliation. It will also facilitate a space for storytelling and historical learning.

The classroom portion will provide a sheltered space for learning, playing and performing. The project is a great way to support the children of our community and the outdoor classroom will be a great addition to the school’s culture.

The space will provide improved mental and physical health and well-being for this generation and many more generations to follow.

“We are excited to see a new space available in our community for the teachers, students and all surrounding area community members to come together. It will be a great space for education, physical and mental well-being,” says Reichert.

As a regional winner of Raise the Barn, SJ Agronomy Services Inc. and the classroom and meeting space for indigenous teachings project received $8,000. You can help them win an additional $20,000 towards their project by voting daily on the Raise the Barn website. Vote now!

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