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From Canola Trials to Community Triumphs: The Balcarres Community Land Project

Oct 26, 2023
WinField United Canada
Community Trial

Featuring: Mayson Maerz, Market Development Manager (Saskatchewan), WinField United Canada and Kelvin Lingelbach, SynergyAG Balcarres Location Manager

As fall arrives, so does an exciting time for agriculture and data enthusiasts alike - it's the season when trial data starts rolling in! Trial data provides on-the-ground proof of product performance and offers insights on leading and newly introduced crop varieties. But, when a trial goes beyond offering valuable data and also gives back to the local community, it becomes a win-win situation.

Balcarres, a small community in Saskatchewan, has been hosting trials under a project called "Balcarres Community Land." This initiative serves as a community fundraiser while providing valuable trial data. The trial site run by SynergyAG has been contributing to the community of Balcarres for nearly two decades.

Kelvin Lingelbach, Balcarres Location Manager at SynergyAG, who has been involved in the Balcarres Community Land project from the very beginning, shed light on the origins of it.

"This idea started with the local Lions Club and eventually transitioned into an initiative of the Balcarres Community Association that is managed by SynergyAG with support of other local retailers,” explains Lingelbach.

Over the years, that idea has grown into a significant project that brings together surrounding communities to participate in collaborative trials.

The Balcarres Community Land project comprises two quarters of land, and the trial receives generous donations of seed, fertilizer, fungicides, pesticides and the time and effort of volunteers who help with seeding, spraying and harvesting. Local businesses and farmers also contribute by donating the use of farming equipment to support the maintenance and harvesting of the site.

What makes the Balcarres Community Land initiative truly special is that all the money generated from the trial goes back into the community.

“Over the years, the community has seen numerous benefits from the trials,” shares Lingelbach. “They have helped fund the renovation of the local ice rink, purchase a new fire truck, construct a community hall, create a Lions water park and support surrounding communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.”
In the recent Balcarres Community Land straight-cut trial, CROPLAN® CP22T1C canola came out with successful results.

Mayson Maerz, Market Development Manager with WinField® United Canada, shares his insights on why CP22T1C performed strongly.

"CP22T1C has strong pod integrity with minimal pod shatter or popping, resulting in fewer lost seeds. This pod integrity played a significant role in its successful performance during the straight-cut harvest."

CP22T1C proved its versatility and resistance by being a robust option for growers who desire a high-yield straight-cut variety. "This hybrid is best suited for growers who want a high-yielding straight cut and TruFlex™ variety. This hybrid also offers strong resistance to clubroot and is our most comprehensive clubroot-protected package,” explains Maerz.

The Balcarres Community Land and its trials not only offer valuable data but also make significant contributions to the local community. The dedication and hard work of SynergyAG and all the volunteers and contributors have transformed this initiative into a beacon of community spirit!

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