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Field-Proven Performance: MasterLock Adjuvant's Impact on Corn and Wheat Yields

Jul 27, 2023
WinField United Canada

When it comes to fungicide applications, maximizing disease control is essential for a successful harvest. Enter MasterLock® Adjuvant – a game-changing non-ionic surfactant (NIS) that combines innovative DropTight™ surfactant technology with the proven drift control of InterLock®.

This versatile all-in-one NIS, deposition aid, and drift control agent is specially designed to elevate pesticide performance to new heights. By enhancing adhesion, reducing bounce, and increasing canopy penetration, MasterLock ensures that the active ingredient is efficiently delivered to precisely where it's needed, making it a valuable asset in your crop protection toolkit.

WinField® United's extensive Answer Plot® data and on-farm research have unearthed exciting MasterLock results – incorporating MasterLock into corn fungicides that require an NIS can lead to a significant 5.7bu/acre yield advantage. The evidence is equally compelling in wheat, with an average yield increase of 3.7bu/acre.

These exceptional findings have fueled WinField United Canada’s commitment to explore similar results in canola during the 2023 season. To achieve this, 25 field scale trials have been set up across Western Canada, evaluating the influence of MasterLock with Holdfast™ fungicide on canola crops.

Image: Left - application without MasterLock, Right - application with MasterLock

Get in front of yield-robbing diseases before it’s too late with these tips:

  1. Know your CROPLAN corn hybrid's Response-to Fungicide. Applying fungicide to Moderate or High response hybrids can prove beneficial even in the absence of disease, securing a promising return on investment.
  2. Identify stressed fields and recognize trends - this enables you to prioritize applications strategically.
  3. Know the disease history of the field. Taking note of the field's disease history, considering factors like crop rotation and weather patterns, empowers you to make informed decisions.
  4. Early application is crucial – don't wait and risk sacrificing yield!
  5. Achieving optimal fungicide performance demands uniform coverage, and with MasterLock, you can unlock the potential for a remarkable yield bump.

Embrace MasterLock as your perfect companion for fungicide applications requiring a non-ionic surfactant. Stay ahead of diseases with these insights and rest assured, MasterLock has got you covered!

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