Product Detail

Ultra-Che® Manganese

Protects Micronutrients with EDTA Chelation

Ultra-Che line of micronutrients are fully chelated with EDTA or HEDTA to reduce nutrient tie-up in the soil and therefore increase nutrient efficiency and availability to plants. The chelators in Ultra-Che micronutrients provide the strongest and most reliable protection against micronutrient deactivation.


Chelating agents in Ultra-Che micronutrients:
  • Provide strong protection against immobilization of metal ion micronutrients to help keep products stable and plant-available.
  • Help supply nutrients more efficiently.
  • Help increase tank-mix compatibility of Ultra-Che micronutrients with other products.



2 x 10 L
1000 L


Ultra-Che micronutrients can be used on a variety of crops with flexible timing, including pre-plant, starter, side-dress or fertigation. Ultra-Che micronutrients are generally compatible with pesticides and easily mix with starter or pop-up fertilizers for optimum early-season nutrition for your crops.