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Justice brings choice for glufosinate-tolerant canola farmers

Justice™ glufosinate delivers strong weed control along with other user friendly and crop safety benefits. Tank-mix Justice with Crimson® and InterLock® to combat issues with hard water and deliver Justice effectively to the weeds you are targeting.


•New user-friendly formulation with improved flowability.
•Tested for consistent crop safety in various environmental conditions.
•Glufosinate is contact herbicide, which means coverage is the key to success. Tank-mix with InterLock to improve coverage and canopy deposition.
•Glufosinate can be deactivated by hard water sources. Tank-mix with Crimson or other AMS brands to prevent issues caused by hard water.
•Tank-mixes with Select® and other clethodim or quizalofop brands for enhanced grassy weed control.



108 L
500 L