Product Detail

Crimson® NG

Exceptional Water Conditioning with New Formulation

New Crimson® NG adjuvant has an enhanced formulation which results in less foaming. A concentrated, ammonium sulfate (AMS) water conditioner that provides exceptional water conditioning, Crimson NG is for use with all pesticide formulations that require AMS. Crimson NG may also be used in other spray applications when the herbicide necessitates AMS or ammonium nitrate additives.


•Enhanced formulation results in less foaming.
•Highly concentrated, meaning less volume to handle.
•Pre-dissolved to alleviate sedimentation & nozzle plugging.
•Dye free.



2 x 10 L
450 L


1-1.5 litre/100L spray solution for standard use.
2-2.25 litre/100L when using foliar micronutrients or under extreme environmental conditions.