Product Detail

Cadillac™ One

For use in spring wheat and durum, Cadillac™ One provides all the benefits or Cadillac™ post-emergent herbicide, with the added convenience of having the adjuvant pre-mixed in the formulation.

Cadillac™ One is absorbed by the leaves and is rapidly translocated to the growing points of leaves and stems. Actively growing susceptible grasses stop growing within 48 hours of treatment. Depending on species, growing conditions and crop competition, leaves and growing points turn yellow within one to three weeks after application.
Further colour changes and loss of vigour will be observed, followed by a browning and complete control three to five weeks after application.


• All in one formulation; adjuvant pre-mixed in the formulation
• A wide range of broadleaf tank mix options to provide broad spectrum weed control
• Can be used in all varieties of spring wheat and durum
• Available in a 40 acre jug and 320 acre drum
• Wide window of application timing
• Rainfast in 30 minutes



2 x 11.32 jugs
90.6 L drum