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Seed & Crop Protection

Offering owners optimal sales and distribution capabilities

WinField United Canada focuses on empowering independent owners by offering them differentiated and competitive seed and crop protection product options. 

Our dedicated team of chemists develop new and innovative technologies, including proprietary brands of adjuvants and specialty products. WinField United Canada owners have exclusive access to Executive™ Brands and Performance Brands™ products. CROPLAN® seed offers a broad portfolio of locally proven seed varieties, backed by data from over 200 North American Answer Plot® locations. 

These offerings, combined with our central warehousing system, enable our owners to optimize their sales and distribution capabilities. Our customized marketing platform streamlines communications among owners, growers, and manufacturers, to ensure long-term sustainability and operational effectiveness.

Country Farm Seeds + WinField United

As of September 2020, Country Farm Seeds and WinField United have joined forces to bring you the best in locally grown products, uniquely adapted to Canadian growing conditions. This partnership combines the power of WinField United traits and genetics with the knowledge and local products of C & L Seeds (Country Farm’s production arm).Read the full story.

Explore the best locally-produced corn and soybean offerings from Country Farm Seeds/C & L Seeds Production group.

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