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Scholarship Details

Supporting students in their pursuit of higher education is important to us. WinField United Canada and our retail owners are offering three scholarships worth $2000.00 each. The scholarship is available to first, second, third and fourth year university/college students attending a Canadian post-secondary institution in an agriculture program (degree or diploma). The scholarship committee will take into consideration the academic standing, community involvement and essay submissions of each candidate.
Please submit your answer to the following question in a typed essay along with the application form by November 30, 2017.
Essay Question:
“Autonomous machinery, variable rate prescription nutrition, satellite imagery and drone photography are all examples of new technologies that people in the agriculture industry see as part of the future of agriculture.  It is important that we continue to advance technology to increase food production to feed a population that is expected to grow to 9 billion in the next 30 years. It is equally important that we increase food production in a sustainable way to preserve the planet for generations to come.
Explain what technology you think will have the biggest impact on food production in the next 10 years. As you answer this question please consider:

1) how farmers will integrate technology into their farm operations, and

2) how agriculture retailers should use technology in their businesses to aid farmers with food production.”

  • Applicant Eligibility: This scholarship is eligible to first, second, third and fourth year students enrolled in a post-secondary agriculture degree or diploma program in Canada, who have career aspirations in agriculture.
  • Requirements:
    • Proof of enrollment in an academic institution (i.e. acceptance letter)
    • High school or last semester’s post-secondary transcripts
    • Application Form - completed
    • Essay submission – maximum of 750 words.
  • Selections will be based upon a combination of academic achievement, community involvement and essay submission
  • Applications must be submitted by November 30, 2017
  • Winners will be announced by December 22, 2017
  • Payment will be made to scholarship winners by December 31, 2017. WinField United Canada will issue a cheque directly to the successful candidates.

How to Apply

Click here to download the application form