Product Detail

Journey™ HSOC

High Surfactant Methylated Seed Oil. An evolution in oil adjuvants.

Journey HSOC adjuvant contains Methylated Seed Oil (MSO) and proprietary
MAX-IN® Technology. This unique combination allows for increased pesticide
uptake and effectiveness.

HSOCs (High Surfactant Oil Concentrate) are an evolution of oil adjuvants.
Journey HSOC is an MSO based oil adjuvant, with differentiated performance
to a standard MSO.

Journey has 3 key features:
1. MSO to breakdown waxy surfaces to let herbicides penetrate the leaf.
2. MAX-IN Technology to keep droplets wetter longer, improving humectancy.
3. MAX-IN Technology for increased droplet coverage and spread.


•Journey HSOC actively dissolves the waxy cuticle on weeds allowing for quicker and more complete active ingredient uptake and absorption into weeds.
•Contains MAX-IN Technology, which is proven to increase humectancy for droplet retention leading to improved uptake of herbicides for better performance and less herbicide loss to environmental factors like evaporation.
•Aggressively aids herbicide performance, especially on large weeds and under stressful, hot, dry conditions.
– Helps improve the performance of active ingredients that target grassy weeds and weeds with waxy leaf surfaces.
•Designed to be compatible with glyphosate tank mixes.
•Use Journey HSOC where MSOs are required.
•PMRA approved activator adjuvant.



2 x 10 L